T o o b S h o o t e r

A longtime pursuit of mine has been the timeless winged-pin singlefin.  The second board I ever shaped was one, and since then I've searched for my best version of the design and the ToobShooter is exactly that.  An oldschool template with a more modern foil to the rails and tail, the ToobShooter uses a modern bottom shape to loosen it rail to rail as compared to 'oldschool' singlefins.  The nose has a slight vee, that transitions quickly into a double concave, to a spiral vee out the tail that lifts the rail line, helping the board sit tighter into the pocket and slip deeper into the tube.  A slight dome under your back foot keeps it loose and sensitive off the back foot, but understand that this board is best for nice pockety waves when you're seeking the tube.

In the upper 6' and 7' range the ToobShooter is a wonderful step-up and gun for long waves - the 7' version has been well traveled by less confident chargers and seasoned tube-hounds that aren't willing to put away their guns yet.
The mid 6' range is the most versatile and can handle a whole lot of power.  A great tube board for Indo and Hawaii.
The low 6' size is really good for the east coast of the US, and short hollow waves where you're going from quick air-drop to tube, to spit.  This is my best seller for New Jersey, New York and smaller, hollower areas.
(Brett Ayers rides a 6'2 to it's limits in the video below at Nias)