Island Fox


This qualifies under the heading of projects I never imagined would be in my hands.  The stars aligned and the opportunity was present, and having more elbow grease than cash, I jumped in head first!  It took about a year start to finish as a side project after my boards and all that, the glassing/building documented here was about three months of work alone, with Jeff Hull as a helping hand and guide along the way (peep him spraying the final gelcoat for me in the second scrolling gallery).   


When we met, on the top left - a beautiful, stripped hull on a trailer, set up as a center console commercial dive/fishing boat... Time for a jigsaw, sander and a pile of glass and resin..

Once the cabin was grafted on, it was a game of blending/reinforcing and what seemed like endless sanding.  Above is the placing of the cabin through the first layers of glass and gelcoat..  Below shows a little detail of the sanding, and stages before the final gel coat, through the spraying and finished hull.  I didn't document the rigging as it was a looooong slow process acquiring all the little bits and pieces and saving for the motor; this took up the greatest amount of time looking back.