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Ophelia the Cosmic Collider


How does anything good happen these days?  Craigslist.
It was listed as an RV conversion, with the details looking something like: "Starts, Runs, Stops."  There was one photo that was pixelated beyond recognition, but from what I could make of it, I knew I had to have it.  

The photos here are mostly of the process and some details of the finished thing, there is a pretty detailed interview with Indoek lined below, and she's been featured from the pages of Vans to Vogue, and she is a heck of a nice place to wake up in the morning with your loved one.  


A huge thanks is owed to the generations of hippies past and present who started this project and so many like it, I'm honored to have been given the turn to add and create within it - it would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of my family, and my wife Katie, who painted the floor design and was my right hand from design to demolition, as well as the hands of many of my friends who I dragged into this thing when they thought we were just gonna hang out at the shop...  Landon Smith is to thank for helping conceive and create the bedroom, and teaching me to weld.  My friend Andrew for drawing first blood on the bus with a grinder when we re-painted the roof, and my parents for not laughing at me when I told them the plan.