A few personal projects from over the past years; process and finished photos as well as some thoughts and musings..

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Some questions have to be answered in foam and fiberglass...or other materials.  Board building made a place in my life out of curiosity and an endless supply of questions.  I still have plenty to go, but herein lies a few that I have pursued over the years.    


The Cosmic Collider

She's a 1948 Chevy school bus, with half a Volkswagen on top, and a home-built loft/bedroom on the back.  I found her on craigslist, derelict and empty but still running.  When I saw the pixelated photo and put together what could be I knew it had to be my project!  On my 24th birthday I drove her away...It took about two years of tinkering/building and now Katie and I have been living in Ophelia the "Cosmic Collider" off and on for the past four+ years.


Island Fox

The most recent in my project pile...My 17' Anderson/Greenough skiff.  I bought the hull and the trailer, built out some deck space and grafted a defunct 17's custom cabin onto it.  The Anderson/Greenough design is a local legend, and this is a project I never thought I'd be able to put my hands on, which has changed my life dramatically.